The Dixie Cup by Jerry Bohnen

Dixie Cup Assassin Has Arrived

          The Dixie Cup Assassin is finally in print!  It has been a long few years of finalizing the story of M.H. and his work for the government.
The book is available as an ebook at Amazon books.  It's coming out in a week as a paperbook and might soon be available as a hard copy.
       M.H. is pleased and I think satisfied that finally, his story has been told.  While some agencies in the government have discarded him like the Dixie Cup I always called him, others I believe still have some faith in his abilities and usefulness.

       M.H. still has not quite six months remaining on a federal prison sentence that has nothing to do with the assassinations he carried out for the federal government.  As usual, it was his criminal activities involving money that landed him back behind bars. 
    There are many who still disbelieve his stories of killing terrorists in the war on terror.  But representatives of the government have visited him on different occasions in the past four to five months, expressing concerns about the book.  "Is this name in it?" he was asked during one brief visit by an agent.  No, the name is not.  Most names have been abbreviated to protect agents who are directly involved in the war on terror.  However, the story of what the CIA was doing and how it used M.H. in those activities, is now public. 

The Dixiecup Assassin---Coming Soon as Ebook

       I signed an agreement with an independent publisher within the past month and "The Dixiecup Assassin" should be hitting Amazon and other ebook sites within about 90 to 100 days from the date of this posting.
       I'm excited about it, naturally and hope the project moves ahead with success.  
       As for M.H., he's excited too but of course, he's still in prison on a federal charge and has about one year remaining at a federal prison camp. No, it's not exactly the kind of camp where life is easy and and enjoyable. It's the kind of camp where one day is like every other day. He's eager like all inmates to get mail or have visitors. He'll be 80 years old when he's released from prison.

       Someone with the CIA recently paid him a visit and discussed the book and wondered why he was willing to publish the story. The visitor asked M.H., "Are you pissed at someone in the agency? Is that it? Or is it just about the money?"
       M.H. told him it's just about the prospects of making money off his story. He's not angry with anyone in the agency.  And according to the visitor, the Agency could stop its publication but likely won't because that would give the book all sorts of credibility.  It sounds as though the government will let the project move ahead and offer no comment as to the claims of M.H.
But the visitor made it clear, he's anxious to read the story!

More than trains on target list from bin Laden files


         Homeland security is on alert for more than just trains that could be targets of terrorists, based on information gleaned from those files and computers recovered in the raid that left Osama bin Laden dead in Pakistan.     
        So are water supply systems such as lakes and reservoirs, dams, some baseball stadiums and amusement parks as well as huge celebrations such as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Independence Day in the nation's capitol, according to sources who have passed the information along to M.H.
        While he's in prison finishing a sentence on theft of mail and checks, M.H., the former assassin for the CIA,  indicates that the Central Intelligence Agency is reportedly reviewing security at major water supply systems in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Dams and lakes are unprotected and could be easy targets for terrorists, according to M.H.
     While much of the national focus has been on how trains could be targets, national security experts are said to be concerned too about such places as Dodger stadium in Los Angeles, the former Sears tower in Chicago, the Carnival cruise ships, Disneyland in Los Angels and Disney World in Florda, and the St. Patrick's cathedral in New York City.
   How good and reliable is the information?  "As good as walking out of Fort Knox with everything that's in it," the source told M.H.  National intelligence officials consider most of those places and events to be 'easy' targets and reportedly were included in the files obtained in bin Laden's writings.

Not the First bin Laden to Die at the Hands of Americans

         The stunning raid by U.S. Navy SEALS that led to the death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan wasn't the first time Americans left a member of the bin Laden family dead with a bullet in the head.
       One of the terror leaders sons met the same fate in May of 2003 in Los Angeles and M.H. participated in the 'party'.  It was late May when M.H. was notified by his Agency controllers that a bin Laden son and two others were to be abducted, interrogated and assassinated.

     "They want them interrogated before they're whacked!" M.H. told me on May 21, 2003. "Get to the heart of the matter and start chopping off fingertips. They wanta know where daddy is."
    Daddy was Osama bin Laden.  And the Agency had learned one of his sons often spent time at a home in Beverly HIlls, California. Which one, M.H. didn't know. After all, bin Laden had more than two dozen children.

   "How will you kill them?" I asked.
   "Doesn't matter. Dead's dead," replied M.H. 

    He had traveled to Dallas to meet with some of the CIA experts who would join him and his cohort, Hantz in Los Angeles to handle the dirty work. M.H. described one as a young blonde-haired, blue-eyed young man who looked like a kid from Nebraska. But he spoke four languages and that impressed M.H.
   The agency provided a videotaped tour of the two-story house where the killings were to occur. They wanted M.H. and the others to know the layout of the house. M.H. and the others were planning to spend at least two days in the white stucco home that had a red-tiled roof and two plam trees in front.
   "We have two days. We're going in Tuesday night and we got till Thursday night," he explained to me days before the target date.
    "If they talk before Thursday night and spill the beans, kill 'em! If they don't talk, kill 'em too!"

  On Memorial day of that year, May 26th, the Agency flew to Norman, Oklahoma to meet briefly with M.H. to give him some cash ahead of the job.  The Cessna Citation bore the tail number N621QS and the registered owners were: AFLA Management LLC Trustee c/o NetJets Sales Inc. @ Two Leadership Square Tenth Floor, Oklahoma City; Alanna Jet LLC; KP Air LLC; Myar LLC; Orin C. Smith; Penelope L. Love; Arthur Remillard Jr.; The M.H. Sherman Co.; The North Star Venture Management Aviation LLC; Seven Sugar Whiskey LLC; and Louis Simpson.

   Within a few days, the 'party' had been carried out and one of bin Laden's sons and three other suspected terrorists were dead. A fourth suspect had been in the house when M.H. and his friends arrived. But before the 'party', the Agency took care of a suspected safe house used by the bin Laden son.  It was torched. A place behind the Avon apartments located on Inglewood street in Culver City.
   I asked him about the fire.
   "Big enough to have six fire engines there," he answered.
   "How close were you?"
   "Very close."
    "What were you doing?"
    "I was sitting in a car on the corner in front of a Catholic church."  He had watched as his friends with the agency had torched the safe house.
    (Yes, there was a fire that day and it was near the St. Gerardo's Catholic Church, 4439 Inglewood Boulevard.)
     That weekend, M.H., Hantz and three men from the CIA sneaked into the home and captured the four as they lay watching TV in a huge bedroom.  The whole affair lasted only 90 minutes, not two days. Osama's son refused to talk and when one of the agency people told hiom what that meant, he gave a nod of understanding, smiled and muttered something about 'Allah' in Arabic.
    Each of the four was killed with a single shot to the back of the head.  Hantz killed two of them using a silencer-equipped pistol. One of the three CIA agents handled the remaining two.
M.H. simply watched them die. He later told me that two of the men 'sang like canaries' and it pleased the Agency men. No fingers were cut off to get them to talk.
   M.H., Hantz and the three agents quickly left, knowing a cleanup group would succeed them.


History of the Mystery-Libya Plane

   As promised, I checked into the history of the Wells Fargo Jet that made the headlines as the 'Mystery Flight into Libya' hours before the start of the no-fly zone enforcement by U.S. warplanes last month.

   Others came up with the registration number of N799WW and at least two or three other numbers including N15FX, C-GIOK and N168BS.
   Documentation from the Federal Aviation Administration revealed this about the history of the Bombardier 700 that flew into Tripoli in late March.
   Prior to June, 2001 the plane was registered as C-GIOK with the Canadian Civil Aircraft registry and it carried the serial number of 9092.  On June 13, 2001, the plane's registration was removed from the Canadian government's list of aircraft. The plane was owned by Bombardier Inc whose Aerospace Corporation is located in Dallas, Texas where it carried a 'd/b/a' of Bombardier Business Jet Solutions.  Bombardier in Canada sold the plane to its Business Jet Solutions and the plane was registered with the Federal Aviation Administration as N15FX and of course, it carried the same serial number of 9092.
   In April, 2002, the Oklahoma City law firm of Crowe & Dunlevy's air registry division made a request of the FAA for duplicate certificates for two Bombardier BD-700s bearing the serial numbers of 9092 and 9093, U.S. Registration Number N15FX and N17FX, respectively.
   "The Certificates of Registration have been lost and the aircraft are scheduled to cross international waters," wrote a legal assistant for the law firm. (N17FX has since been de-registered because it was transported to Canada.)
    On February 6, 2003, N15FX, serial number 9092, was listed as sold to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest,NA in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A day later, Wells Fargo and Bombardier Aerospace Corporation (BAC) made a request of the FAA to assign the registration number of N199WW to a Gulfstream G-IV, serial Number 1059, that bore the registration number of N799WW. BAC had purchased the Gulfstream.  Wells Fargo indicated it had recently purchased the Global Express or BD-700 and wanted N799WW transferred to it. By March of 2003, N799WW was assigned to Wells Fargo.
  But the FAA records do not indicate which firm or entity is leasing N799WW from Wells Fargo.
However, one news article indicated the plane had recently stopped in Windsor Locks, Connecticut for five days before flying to Washington, D.C. and on to Madrid, Spain. Based on the flight maintenance records from the FAA, in all liklihood, the Windsor Locks stop was no doubt for maintenance because the plane had undergone air worthiness checks on previous occasions at the Learjet Incorporated facilities located at the Bradley International Airport, building 85-173. In 2003, the plane was reconfigured from a 9-passenger aircraft to 12-passengers at the Windsor Locks facility.

The Mystery of N799WW

     Hours before the no-fly zone over Libya was approved by the U-N Security council, an American registered private jet, N799WW, landed at Tripoli, Libya.  Why it was there, has been speculated in different stories in the past week.  Based on the recordings  of conversations thatthe pilot had with a flight control tower in Malta, the pilot of the Bombardier 700 appeared to have a definite American accent.

 As reporters dug into the ownership of the plane, they discovered N799WW was owned by the Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee of Salt Lake City.  But records with the Federal Aviation Administration have yet to be released indicating whether Wells Fargo had leased the aircraft to another firm, a common practice employed by the firm that owns thousands of aircraft.
  We are awaiting the release of the more indepth records from the FAA in Oklahoma City. One European website identifies the owner of N799WW as Wideworld Services Ltd based in London.  It is identified by EuroControl and further research indicated Wideworld Services has operations in upstate New York. One website advertisement for aviation services at Malta even quoted a Wideworld Services chief pilot identified as Art Frank.
  Now it should be noted here that Wells Fargo is the owner of a large number of airplanes and leases them to other firms worldwide. In fact, several were identified as aircraft that carried M.H. on his missions around the world.  The first was N12122, an Embraer used in 2003. Others included N429SW, a Bombardier that carried M.H. in 2003.  Another was N496UE used in 2005. And there was N575WW, a Gates Lear Jet model 35, serial number 043 used by the Agency on a 2006 mission involving M.H.
  This aircraft bore the same 'WW' as Wideworld Services on the mystery plane that flew into Libya.  FAA records indicate Wells Fargo no longer owns N575WW, rather the owner is Aerovision Int. LLC of Muskegon, Michigan. This too will take a further exploration of FAA records.

FOIA---Friend or Foe?

    Coming to the conclusion that M.H. took part in a secret CIA operation to assassinate terrorists in the United States, Mexico and Canada didn't happen overnight in this long, long journey of writing 'The Dixiecup', a book that probaby should be renamed 'The Dixiecup Assassin'.
Because that's what he was for the government, an assassin.  A killer of killers in one sense.
   However, the process as a journalist of documenting and verifying what a man such as M.H. claimed over the years is, to say the least, daunting. Not impossible because I have documented some of the things that M.H. told me over the years.
  But that documentation didn't occur because of the Freedom of Information Act, a tool I have used countless times in my nearly 40 years as a journalist.  FOIA, as we like to call it can be a friend and an enemy.  It can be used by journalists and by the government---journalists in seeking and sometimes in verifying or learning valuable information about some thing or some one---and the government in stonewalling the release of public information.
  Let me give you an example that was highlighted today when I listened to my voicemail and heard a message from a federal judge who inquired about the status of a FOIA request I had submitted in 2008.  Now today is March 24, 2011 and the Judge wanted to know the status of an appeal I had pending with Homeland Security. I was puzzled. Normally, I keep detailed files of such requests complete with copies of all letters and material sent and received as well as the date when the FOIA request was made. I couldn't remember and couldn't locate any Homeland Security department FOIA.
   But I continued pouring over my FOIA files and finally found a request made in January of 2008 to FEMA regarding its decision rejecting Oklahoma's request for individual disaster assistance for a December 2007 ice storm.  FEMA denied my request for documents explaining why the request by then-governor Brad Henry was rejected. It cited certain exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act.
   So I returned the phone call to the judge and he politely answered the call and we had a pleasant conversation about the appeal. Yes, the appeal of FEMA's denial of my request had been handled by Homeland Security since FEMA is under its jurisdiction.  The judge, who is located in California said he was with the Coast Guard and the agency offered to assist with Homeland Security's backlog of FOIA cases.
   I explained I had heard nothing from FEMA or Homeland Security since 2008 and made a plea for the records, stating in effect they were working documents that would indicate why FEMA denied Oklahoma's assistance request.  I told the judge the documents were not military secrets and he said he would consult with his staff.
   When I asked about a timetable regarding his decision, he said, "A helluva lot faster than your request was handled!" We both laughed and he said it might come within 90 days. That's all I can hope for at this time.
    But the point is this---confirming M.H.'s work for the Agency and other federal departments is time-consuming and can easily be delayed by one bureaucrat after another.  M.H. always said his work for the Agency, even when he was released from federal prison in 1964 at the request of his CIA-employed cousin to join the Agency's secret army in Vietnam, would never be revealed in any government document released under the Freedom of Information Act.
  And so far, he has been proven correct. Any verification of M.H.'s government work to date has come from these sources---individual government agents who worked with M.H. and controlled him on operations, other contractors who ran with him on those missions and from federal court documents.  Good ole shoe leather was burned in sitting in court hearings and going through court records.  Not from FOIA requests.

M.H.'s 'Rendition Plane' Encounters


       I happened to have recently revisited a website about Stephen Grey's book 'Ghost Plane', the story of the rendition planes used by the U.S. to fly terror suspects to secret prisons around the world. Over the years during his time as a 'Dixiecup Assassin' for the Agency, M.H. had his own encounters with some of those same planes. Plus, he flew on other 'rendition' planes as he escorted individuals to secret holding sites.

   The first encounter was April 22, 2005 at the Max Westheimer air field in Norman, Oklahoma.
The widely reported N379P or N44982 landed with CIA personnel aboard.  The GulfstreamG-V, serial number 581 taxied across the tarmac and stopped while M.H. waited nearby.  At that time, it carried only CIA officials and no terror suspects.

    Then on December 6, 2005,  M.H. first saw N313P, a Boeing 737 used by the Agency in flying suspects to prisons around the world. The plane was among those widely reported as seen at airports around the globe. But on that chilly December day, it landed at the Max Westheimer airport in Norman, Oklahoma where CIA officials had come to visit M.H.  It was refueled while M.H. and the people he knew with the agency discussed some of his approaching missions.

     One airplane not on Stephen Grey's list of rendition planes was N753CE, a Cessna Citation 560, serial number 560-0753, but it was used to fly four terror suspects from the Guantamo Bay prison to the Pacific island of Diego Garcia.  It occurred September 20, 2007 when the plane landed at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport. M.H. had been notified to stand by for the escort operation.  Accompanying him was another contractor hired by the agency for this job.
   M.H. and the other contractor were at the U.S. Marshal's office next to the Federal Transfer Center located on the west side of the Will Rogers World Airport. It is there that the Marshal's Service uses its 'Con Air' operations to fly federal prisoners to and from the FTC.
  The FTC sits across from the main terminal of the Will Rogers World airport so the flying public doesn't have any encounters with prisoners. It was a Thursday afternoon when the crew of the plane arrived and the pilot and co-pilot were replaced by two others.
   M.H.'s CIA controller, a man he called 'Mister B' was already on board along with four terror suspects who were dressed in faded blue coveralls. Each was chained to an individual seat--chains wrapped around the neck and down the back to a belly chain. Each wore leg irons and a chain led from the leg irons to the belly chain in front of them.
   "Then a chain connected to the seat. It snapped onto the back of the seat and they couldn't get up out of the seat at any time," recalled M.H. Two of the suspects were in their early 30s while the two others were in their 40s or 50s.  They had been flown from Guantanamo Bay prison
and carried to Dallas where they were put on N753CE but not before they were strip searched and body searched, including their cavities, and given a change of clothes. The plane left Oklahoma City and headed toward Los Angeles.
   "They didn't say shit the whole way over. They kept death quiet," explained M.H. The four terrorists had been told they would not be allowed out of their seats during the flight. "If you gotta pee, pee in your pants. You're not getting outta the seat," he added.  Each terrorist had also been given two bottles of water but nothing to eat during the 12-hour flight from Los Angeles.
   The seats on N753CE had been configured to allow M.H. to sit facing two of the terrorists and the other gunman did the same.  Two terrorists sat side-by-side facing the front while M.H. with an Uzi on his lap, sat facing them and the rear of the plane.  M.H. recalled the terrorists never made eye contact with them and sat silently staring at the floor.
    Mister B had given orders to M.H. and the other armed escort. "If they get loose, mace 'em and if that don't work, kill 'em." The CIA officer wore a sidearm as he sat in a seat at the rear of the plane, occasionally spelling M.H. and the other gunman at different times so they could stretch and go to the bathroom.
   Hours later, the plane touched down on a long stretch of concrete on the island of Diego Garcia.
As the plane stopped, four armed guards dressed as civilians came aboard and led the four terrorists off to another site. Two golf carts carred the terrorists while one of the civilians drove and the other guarded them. Each cart carried two terrorists.
   "We weren't there no time," said M.H. "Went to the latrine and had a bite to eat while the plane was refueled."  He, the other gunman, Mister B and the pilot and co-pilot went to the mess hall. "We had shit on a shingle, scrambled eggs, biscuits and some milk and coffee."
   Before they left, M.H. managed to take a few picutres of a sailboat in a lagoon and caught two Navy ships offshore. Other pictures by satellite have shown numerous navy ships offshore, ships thought to be floating prisons for the terror suspects.
   "You afraid during the flight?" I asked of M.H.
    "Oh no, oh shit, how could you be?" They were chained to their seats. You had the upper hand."
    He described the four as 'ornery and mean looking' and one had a pockmarked face as though he suffered acne as a young boy. "You know," he added, "they also showed they had some anxiety in their eyes, not knowing where they were going."
   Who were they? Where are they now? Who knows. How long did they stay on board the Navy ships? Questions we will likely never get answered.

 ( Photographer ERick Stamm captured this picture on August 19, 2007 at Naples, Florida. FAA records indicated the Citation Ultra Encore was owned by Beneto Inc., 2250 NE 25th Avenue in Hillsboro, Oregon.)
     N753CE is no longer assigned or reserved with the FAA and Beneto is no longer listed as its owner. Benneto Jet Sales and Leasing Worldwide has offices in Dallas, Texas; Hillsboro, Oregon; and Sacramento, California.  Its website declares, "We offer Airplane management and pilot services'.

Old Nazi Brought to U.S. in 2007 Died a Month Later

        The old Nazi brought to the United States in August of 2007, courtesy of M.H. and others who did contract work for the CIA ended up a dead a month later.

       The man that M.H. had been told was Eduard Roschmann turned out to be Aribert Heim, according to M.H.'s Agency controller.  Heim was a former Austrian doctor who joined the SS and did medical experiments in a Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen near Linza, Austria.  He ws accused of killing inmates with direct injections of toxic compounds into their hearts. The inmates called him "Dr. Death" because he operated without anesthetics and tested poisons to determine which ones worked the fastest.
   Heim had as bad a reputation as the Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele and did the same kind of sadistic practices on the Jews and others who were thrown into the camps. He was captured by American soldiers in March of 1945 and released, only to disappear in 1962 when he learned that Austrian police had him under investigation for war crimes. Heim reportedly moved to Spain and Uruguay where he ran a gynecology clinic from the late 70s to early 80s. It's believed he also lived for short periods of time in Argentina and Paraguay, Egypt and Brazil before returning to Spain in 2005. It was in 2005 when Spanish police started an investigation and learned he had escaped. A year later, it was suspected Heim wsa in Chile where he had a daughter who tried to claim that he died in 1993.
   By July, 2007, a month before M.H. and a CIA agent flew to Munich to get the old German, the Austrian Justice Ministry announced it would pay a huge reward for any information leading to Heim's arrest and extradition to Austria. Heim would have been 93 years old at the time.  A month after M.H. and the Agency flew the old man to Washington, D.C. he apparently died and M.H. was told of the man's true identity.
  It was apparently another U.S. effort to intervene without the knowledge of European authorities to bring a Nazi to America---all in the name of getting information about other old Nazis, one who might still be living in Syria and helping Arab terrorists.

M.H. Knew of Old Nazis & Gold Hunts by CIA


   When the news came out in November of a government report that indicated the United

States government had approved of relocating some Nazis to the states after World War II, it was old news to M.H.  After all, he had helped bring at least one of them to this country, courtesy of the CIA.  And he had taken part in CIA-sponsored-gold-hunting missions in Europe over the past two decades.

   The first gold hunt occurred in the spring of 1992 when M-H. was paid by the Agency to travel to Germany in search of Nazi gold reportedly hidden in a cemetery of a small village.  The site had been revealed by a former German SS Major named Rudolph Schmidt who had died in the U.S. Before his death, he told the story of how he had been responsible toward the end of the war of burying the gold in a cemetery at Merzig, a village near the French border in Germany. The Jewish prisoners who helped bury the gold were reportedly buried in the same grave, according to M.H.
   M.H. traveled there via American Airlines in May, rented a car and made the drive to the little village, then followed a country road to the cemetery. He followed his instructions from the CIA and located a headstone with the name of Grumbacher, then located a specific tree that stood in a nearby pasture.  Armed with a metal detector, M.H. made his way to the large oak tree, paced off 70 feet from it and went to work. 
   "I had this metal detector and when I got over the site it went ding, ding, ding---rattling like hell! Tell you Jerry, it took restraint from getting a shovel and start digging." M.H. feared someone on a grassy hillside with a scope and rifle would have put a slug into the back of his head.  He diligently returned to the States and reported what he had discovered.
   M.H. explained later that the Agency discovered the gold and also relocated the Grumbacher headstone so no one could locate the site.  It proved to be the first of several such gold-hunting missions in Europe. Others followed. One turned deadly for two former East German agents who attempted to hold up M.H. and three others as they dug in a barn in southern Austria.  One of the three was a Catholic priest who bore an SS tattoo on one of his arms. M.H. never did know whether man had truly become a priest after the war or simply chose the priesthood as a safe hiding place.
   In the fall of 2003, M.H. was told by the Agency that a former Nazi named Heinrich Mueller had recently died in the Washington D.C. area where he had lived under the name of Richard Helms Mueller since the end of the war. Mueller ran the Gestapo from 1939 until the end of the war and disappeared in 1945. He was never brought to justice and M.H. had been told his death came in Baltimore. My attempt to verify his death proved unsuccessful.
   Four years later, M.H. was in the middle of carrying out assassinations for the Agency and thought that was going to be the case in August when he was asked to take part in a 'party' in Munich, Germany. He and one of his compatriots boarded a Citation jet that bore the tail number of N560XP. Yet FAA files indicated there was no plane with such a registration number and that the number was 'unassigned'.
  Regardless, M.H. and the others landed in Munich and picked up an old German who was in his 90s and met M.H. at the front door of a small home. M.H. and the others accompanied him on a direct flight to Washington D.C. The twin-engine plane bore a registration number of N68KA. M.H. had been told the man was an old Nazi who had long thought to have been dead and was resonsible for funneling Nazi money to Arabs.
  M.H. described him as a 'clean shaven' old man, 'balding with twinkling blue eyes'.  He said he was a 'grandfatherly type'.  The old man was reportedly Eduard Roschmann, a former concentration camp commandant who escaped after the war and from all accounts, died of a heart attack in 1977 in South America. In his lifetime, Roschmann had often used the alias of Federick Wegener and that was the very name M.H. said was the name of the old German he accompanied to the United States.  Roschmann was the real-life basis for the movie 'The Odessa File'. He was called the "Butcher of Riga' and according to many accounts, Riga was one of Hitler's more notorious concentration camps located in Latvia.
  Whether the old German was really Roschmann, we'll likely never know. All M.H. knew was that the old Nazi was flown to Washington D.C. to perhaps reveal his secrets about funding terrorists in the Middle East.

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